Logos ,Media Designs and Album Arts

If you website needs an identity or you need posts and cover designs for your social media, be it Facebook or Instagram, We will create just the thing for you.

Core Development

We create designs which are attractive, but most importantly which are not subject to copy right violations.

Define the Choice

We will make you sit on driving seat. This means you will have full say in what type of design you want and we will make it happen.

Media Designs
Social media is a very important platform to advertise and to grow your audience, and we know exactly how to make best out of it by creating the best social cover designs. Yes, you heard it right, we
provide the best social media cover design service on the internet.

If you are a busy business owner or an employees and you know how important social media is to create audience but don’t have the luxury of extra time to spend on, we will help you with our stunning branded images.

We provides you one stop solution either you need custom design for Facebook cover or posts, LinkedIn profile, Twitter header, Instagram profile or YouTube channel. You don’t have to go anywhere else now. In the era of digital communication it has become very important for businesses and brand of whatever size to keep their social profiles updated. This requires not just time but also sound knowledge of industry, trend and a creative mind.


Cover art and Logo Designs

So you are going to launch a new Music Album and are confused what type of cover you should have? If yes than you are not alone. A lot of musicians face this challenge to create the best album cover art which inspires the viewers. After all it is a visual representation and identity of the music.

You rock. You jam. You slay. So get yourself a cover which does that too. Now you don’t have to worry about creating the music album cover art anymore. Here  you can get yourself best deals and leave the task to the expert.


Reason to hire professional for Album cover:

As we have talked about this earlier, Art Cover gives the music its identity. Album covers It appeals the potential listeners toward itself and make people listen. If you try to save a few bucks and doesn’t get the album cover created through a professional such as mind on designs, no matter how good the music is and how many hours you have spent on it, it will not be able to attract the desired audience.

How does Mind on Designs work?

So you must be wondering, what on earth is here and why I should pay the money? Well the answer is simple, we are a team of professionals which include Musicians who have launched their own music albums and are successful, and seasoned graphic designers. Together we come up with great ideas and inspirations which you need to make your album go viral.

Here are some of the perks of getting your album cover created through us:

  • Professional designers
  • Creative designs
  • Custom design
  • Cheap rates
  • Fast delivery

What does the whole process looks like?

The process of getting your expertly designed cover is fairly simple. All you have to do is first select the package which best fits your needs. After that you will have to submit your requirements which includes type of cover and music, personal preferences etc. Than all you have to do is sit back and relax, we will instantly start the work and create few demo samples for you.

The sample covers will be shared with you. You will go through those and approve or disapprove the demo covers. After that we will do the final customizations according to your feedback. And just like that, your best custom album design is created.

So don’t wait and overthink, order the music cover art now and boost your chances of success. As we say we give you one surety, Your Album Art design will rock as hard as you do.

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