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  • I never use templates of any kind, I always try to attract my clients from the original work.

What are you going to get for the small package?

  • Front Cover Optimized for iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Beatport
  • Commercial use

What is the cover of the album?

The cover of a wonderful music album stands out on a music CD. Get your items with our exciting album cover art services designed by experts. You can specify your needs and get a design that is tailored to your needs exactly. In the music industry, it is better to have a significant album cover that targets your music. This will help you to create the right kind of noise for your music and connect with the audience.

Dope Music Marketing is the best album art company where you can find bright album prints with full copyright. Tell us your thoughts on your logo that you think your audience will like, and we’ll start the planning process later. Our creators will help you create an album cover for your music that fits. A well-designed album cover will help the best deal to give your brand or band a remake. This fosters creativity throughout your work and helps refine your existing identity.

Our exclusive album cover service for Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Sound Cloud, etc. will be fully formatted. Give your album cover illustration an amazing finish by using our Creator HD Albums.

Our artistic team will assist you with all kinds of services, from logo selection to logo printing and design. We provide album cover services at guaranteed prices at high prices. Our creative professionals specialize in making your vision a reality and creating unique album covers for your music. After carefully analyzing your music and needs, we will create a creative album cover and put it above the others.

Why album cover art is important for your sales:

Designing effective album cover art is very important. Cover art is the visual identity of your music. Picture listeners connect with your music.

The key to discovering music is first impression. The design and art of your album usually gets your attention before anyone listens to your music. Basically on a digital music platform. When your album artwork comes out you can draw the attention of your future musicians about your fans.

Album cover art is an important component for music distribution and music promotion. The design you use to showcase your music is another way to brand yourself. It is a reflection of your music as well as your style.

Photo or introduction: This cover is usually an image of the artist near the face. It is most commonly used and often recommended for novice artists as the main task is to identify the artist and associate his image with his music.

Typographic: This one has no graphic resources like photos and illustrations, just letters. If it is not intentional, it is usually used when the artist has no definite idea, no current picture or image, and no time to create it.

Like most virtual stores today, most cover designs are in digital format (3000 x 3000 pixels) … but there are some who appreciate the dramatic, clear print format, credit reading experience, and picture viewing experience. Even in Latin Grammy, your music needs to be presented in a physical way to qualify for international awards.

DG Pack: This is still the plastic base for the disc, but the rest is made of cardboard. This seems to be because the book has the advantage of using cardboard for printing and storage, as the plastic form with the plastic layers can be easily broken during transport.

Bundle or Limited Edition: This is a special design that goes beyond the simple form of plastic or cardboard wrapping, including the feel of the packaging or the optional material that can be added.

Timely Packages or Boxes: These are usually packages containing X artists’ records, which are very special or collectible and are usually bound to the trajectory as they do not come from a creatively specific artistic product. A story to tell you.

Eco Wallet or Portfolio: This is similar to a CD jacket but has more panels that give the impression of a purse size.

Jewelry or plastic box: This is the most traditional model, the disc rests on a plastic base and has a printed booklet next to it.

Our advice:

1- It is a good idea to meet your designer before finishing the production so that he can absorb the personality and purpose of the artist and make the vision of what you are looking for more complex and contemporary. If the production is ready before contacting the designer, it is best to send him a song or album so that he can connect with the vision in some way.

2- Some people in this fast-paced world send a design order to finish a song and distribute it on the same day, expecting the best results, and it is very difficult (even if it’s working with a designer for the first time). A good time for this is when you enter the studio or send a reference so the designer can create a damp room.

3- Watch or talk until both parties are in harmony.

4- The reference is valid as long as it is not misused and is not intended to be a copy of the reference.

5- Having a professional photo session is very important (not because my cell phone takes high resolution pictures or because my uncle gave me a camera, I have already solved that part). Banners, billboards, posters and much more … because there is nothing worse than trying to fix high-resolution images with bad resolution or good images with low resolution and definition.

6- Before releasing a solo album or album, make a habit of putting your song on iTunes (the computer app is not a virtual store) and compare its cover with anything else in your library to see if it’s attractive.

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Composing, gaining fans, releasing music, reaching out to new audiences and developing an important part of your music career. These guidelines generally ensure that your cover industry meets the needs of major music retailers and broadcasters. They will help you to attract someone’s attention and create a productive art that can listen to your music. Let our album cover design bring the expected growth of your brand.

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